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Hula Hoop

Fire Up the Flirting

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The Infamous HER Fires Up the Flirting In New Single, “Make You Mine”


Coming in hot from the New York City underground is the fiery and versatile stylings of The Infamous HER, hypnotizing listeners with a groovy new single and music video, “Make You Mine.”


Praised for their glamour, inventiveness, and attitude, The Infamous HER is led by charismatic frontwoman Monique Staffile, who never fails to put a spell on listeners, be it with her captivating presence, good humor, or natural fearlessness. Together, The Infamous HER has traveled the realms of glam rock, new wave, punk, metal, and contemporary pop, continuously leaving listeners guessing their next move.


In their newest release, The Infamous HER brings fans a hot psychedelic rock song with a music video directed by David Dutton that takes us straight back to the 80s. “Make You Mine” is a supremely playful, enchanting, and flirty tune that’s bound to make you swing your hips to the beat. On another note, it’s pretty appropriate that The Infamous HER is naming their upcoming album Hula Hoop.


Diving deeper into “Make You Mine,” the track kicks off with a heavy and groovy psych-rock instrumental alongside Monique’s subtle do’s and da’s that set the dreamy and alluring tone. As she begins painting sensual scenes of mentally chasing after someone ’til it makes her weak, The Infamous HER backs her up with bouncy background vocals and vibrant psych-rock instrumentals that keep us hooked.


Honorable mention to the song’s music video, which Dutton has put together perfectly. Everything from the faded footage, furniture, and clothing screams the 80s, maybe even 70s, but one thing’s for sure: Monique Staffile is indeed the star, and she’s got her eyes set on someone like a hawk.


The Infamous HER is quickly making their way to the mainstream, and tracks like “Make You Mine” are a prime example. Watch the video on YouTube and find the song on all digital streaming platforms.


Welcome to Buzz, The Infamous HER! We love the flirtatious and groovy feel of your recent release, “Make You Mine.” What inspired your group to create this spicy new single?


The band and I all hunkered down in our house/recording studio and wrote this ditty. I must have been feeling sexy that day, and the boys were spicy so we just started jamming on it and got it.


What made your group want to lean into the sultry sounds of psychedelic rock for “Make You Mine?” Why did that sound fit the vibe best?


When we were writing the song, we had fun, played writing, and jammed. We didn’t have a second verse written when I sang the demo, so I thought, how bout I just sing the first verse in French, and we use it for the second verse? Mind you, I don’t speak a word of French! We kept it and never changed the second verse.


What was your experience shooting the “Make You Mine” music video alongside director David Dutton? What was that collaborative process like?


We worked with David Dutton 10 years ago and knew we had to bring him back on board for this video. He also directed the next singles coming out. He’s great. We work amazingly well together, always thinking of crazy ideas and pushing each other to take the video one step further. He came up with using his 360-degree camera for the whole video, and I loved that!


What was the highlight of creating “Make You Mine”? Whether it was the songwriting process or the music video, what moments did you enjoy most?


I loved it all! The band and I had a week-long sleepover party at my house and we wrote the whole record, writing together while living together is just a dream. Jamming, writing, drinking, eating, what else could you want?! Then, when we shot the video with David Dutton, he also stayed at my house. So now, another sleepover with the band AND the director. It was just awesome!


Could you drop some hints regarding your upcoming album, Hula Hoop? How does “Make You Mine” set the tone for what’s to come?


Hula Hoop is my favorite album I’ve done. It’s full of vintage flare, rock n roll, attitude, and good vibes. It’s cheeky, sincere, and sexy, hopefully making the listener want to turn it up and put it on repeat.

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Discussing New Single/Music Video “Make You Mine” with The Infamous HER

posted by Randall Radic
The Infamous HER

Indie-rock/pop outfit The Infamous HER recently released their new single/music video, “Make You Mine,” a delicious, mesmerizing, thoroughly rocking track that harks back to the British Invasion while simultaneously sounding modern.

“Make You Mine” provides an appetizer for the band’s upcoming album, Hula Hoop, and is the latest musical magic trick from a band with no shortage of inventiveness, attitude, glamour, and talent. In the past, The Infamous HER has evoked the glories of glam rock, the contagious hooks of new wave, the iconoclasm of punk, the roar of metal, and the irresistibility of contemporary pop.

But the true focus, and namesake, of The Infamous HER is singer and songwriter Monique Staffile, whose fearlessness, impertinence, passion, and good humor give this band its unforgettable personality. On “Make You Mine,” Monique is single-minded, intense, fiery, and self-assured — and just when listeners think they’ve got her pegged, she flips an entire verse in flawless French.

The video, directed by David Dutton, gives viewers a spinning mosaic of Monique, as she and the band appear at a house party set in the ‘80s.

Tattoo.com spoke with The Infamous HER to find out more about the inspiration for “Make You Mine” and the band’s creative process.

What inspired your latest single/music video, “Make You Mine?”  –

“Make You Mine”, is a trippy rock n’ roll earworm, so with that in mind, we wanted to create a music video that did just that. A rock n roll, avant-garde ‘Alice In Wonderland’ video shoot with a 360 camera that never stops.

Who directed the video and where was it shot?  

It was directed by David Dutton and shot at The Madness in Nashville TN.

What do you want people to take away from the video?  

It’s stylistically fun, trippy, sexy, and makes ya think ‘What did I just watch?!’

Who is in The Infamous HER and which instruments do they play?  

I would give away the ‘Infamous’ if I told ya who The Infamous HER is! We are a 4-piece band, guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. But we are very much a DIY band. We write together, Caleb KBC Sherman who plays guitar in the band is also the producer. I’ve been called ‘HER’ since I was 18.

Your new album is entitled ‘Hula Hoop.’ What can you share about the album?  

It’s my favorite album I made to date. It’s an alternative rock pop album with vintage flair, wildness, and fun.

How did you get started in music?  

I was born with a guitar and mic in my hand. There was no start date, growing up in NYC, I was surrounded by creativity, inspiration, and the streets. All made me who I am.

Which singers/musicians influenced your sound?  

Damn, that’s hard cause my sound is like a melting pot, but growing up in NYC I gotta give it up to Blondie, Beastie Boys, The Ramones, Bob Dylan, Velvet Underground, and Cyndi Lauper.

If you had to describe your sound to the uninitiated, what would you say? 

It’s rock n roll mixed with pop.

Why do you make music?  

I make music to save Music.

What can you share about your writing process?  

I’m usually coming up with song lyrics and melodies in the car while driving. I guess that’s when my brain is free. I bring the idea back to the band and/or Caleb who co-writes and produces our records, and he makes sense out of my dribble. For most of this album, we all were together and wrote the album as a band, camped out at my house for a couple of weeks, and tracked and recorded it.

Which artists in your opinion are killing it right now? 

Any artist going outside the box.

How do you define success?  

Success is in the mind if you’re happy that’s all that matters.

What can your fans look forward to over the next six months? Live gigs? Music videos?  

Our Album ‘Hula Hoop drops June 28th. We have a couple more singles and music videos that will be released before that. We will be touring Europe in the Summer and Fall promoting the album, but always find us on our socials for real up-to-date stuff.

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